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During Covid 19, we are also featuring virtual races! We all hope to be “live” racing again, but in the meantime stay safe and practice CDC guidelines while running and training. #IRUNFLORIDA

"Not everyone is on Facebook"

We heard that so many times. And it is true. Some running enthusiasts are not on social media at all, but they still use the internet. So this is their chance (and yours) to engage with them online. We still love social media and want you to follow us on your channel of choice, but all of our group discussions and Event groups will be housed right here on I RUN FLORIDA.

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Do you Run Florida?

If you are a runner living in Florida (lucky you), have run races in Florida (or want to), then I RUN FLORIDA is for you! We have a Florida race calendar, social discussion, great swag, and a place to get motivation, ask for tips,  and more!


With the COVID 19 situation, virtual races and state challenges are on the rise. Check out the best virtual races in Florida right here!


Every month we'll be giving you a look at the top Florida races during that month but also months ahead so you can plan accordingly.


Use I Run Florida a s a FREE place to host your running group, relay team, or corporate wellness group ...or just join one of our event groups etc.

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Please like and follow us on social media and join any groups in I Run Florida. It’s free!

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Go ahead and create a basic listing for your race (sorry…Florida races only 🙂 Contact us if you want to feature your upcoming race for added exposure.

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Now you have the chance to have a “Facebook-like” solution for your club for members to share posts and for you to communicate with them outside of Facebook.


Advertisers love to direct their marketing programs at the fitness enthusiast demo. Contact us for all of our advertising rates. First month is free (limited time offer, and limited availability)

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